Wicket Cricket Manager has got tons of exciting features planned for the next few months! Got an idea for something we should definitely build? Write to us at


In-match weather changes

Current weather conditions are fixed over the duration of a match. Add changing weather conditions to spice things up -- Duckworth-Lewis is fun.

Trophy Cabinet

A chance to reminisce about all your past achievements -- league promotions, daily/weekly tournament wins etc. Perhaps also show near wins (eg. losing the finals in a tournament)

Deeper finances management

The finances screen could use some love. Graphs showing finances over time & maybe across seasons. Also a clear view showing how much profit / loss your club makes every month.

Different Tournament Formats

We only have T20 at the moment. Could add T10 & Hundred formats. Maybe even longer formats like ODIs.


Sought after feature that is long over due. Generally keepers tend to bat in the lower order.

In Progress

iOS Launch

It's time we launched on iOS & made this game multi-platform. Let's see what Apple's review process is like.

Live Player Auctions

Currently players can only be signed from the Market. Build the ability to bid for the best players in an open auction where managers can compete against each other in real time.


Legendary Matches

See how you stack up against legends. One off matches against some of the best Cricket teams eg. The 2022 T20 World Cup winning English team.

Youth Academy

Scount up & coming young players & sign them to your club. Investing in youth should pay off later on.


Daily & weekend tournaments will add some flavour. Winning tournaments should give you special rewards. Need to do well in the daily tournaments to qualify for the weekly tournament which has the biggest rewards.

Music & better sound effects

The game is generally a bit quiet at the moment. Add some music & in-game sound effects to spice things up.